Respite Care Services

Just as most jobs provide holidays, carers should try to take some time off from caring. Respite care offers the opportunity for both the carer, and the person being cared for to take a break. This may be for a few hours, a day, a night or a few weeks. Respite is needed to

relieve the stress of being a carer or simply making time to do chores such as shopping and cleaning. As well as benefitting the carer, respite care is also beneficial for the care recipient, providing an important element of socialisation with others and even allowing them to acquire new skills. In addition to providing in-home respite IWAQ also provides centre based care and overnight accommodation and care for days or weeks at our Salam Respite centre

Centre Based Day Respite

IWAQ runs Centre Based day respite at its Springwood Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM and also on the Gold Coast every second Wednesday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The centres offer an opportunity for people to come together and socialise with others.

Services on offer include

  • Transport to and from the Centre,
  • morning tea and a hot lunch (halal meals are available),
  • outings and day trips,
  • activities and arts and crafts,
  • educational talks and discussions and
  • celebration of key cultural events

Salam Respite Centre

The Salam Respite Cottage provides day and/or overnight respite to carers of older people, people with dementia or young people with a disability. “Cottage Respite” is the term for the type of day and night respite which has the aim to relieve the carer. The carer can leave the care to the friendly staff of the Respite Cottage.

The Salam Respite Centre offers four single rooms and one emergency bed. There is a large covered outdoor area and the centre is wheelchair friendly and secured. The staff are well-known for being able to cater successfully for clients of a variety of cultural and religious background e.g. halal, vegetarian, aged-person friendly. Staff are carefully chosen to ensure the quality of caring that you would expect is of high standard as they are experienced, multi-lingual, qualified and flexible to care recipients’ needs.

Services provided at Salam Respite include:

  • three meals
  • morning/ afternoon teas/ supper
  • assistance with hygiene procedures
  • mobility
  • medication (Webster packs)
  • provision of linen
  • washing, drying and ironing of clothes
  • activities
  • transport for outings
  • 24 hour care service

The Coordinator, the prospective client and his or her family or advocate, meet and discuss what are the needs and future hopes and plans. A program is then developed in consultation with all parties.