Disability Services and Community Care

  • COMMUNITY CARE – IWAQ provides community Care for people under 65 years who have a disability or condition that restricts that restricts day-to-day living. Community Care services are designed to help these people to remain living at home. Support includes similar services as outlined above including:
    • In- home respite
    • Centre based day Care
    • Transport services
    • Personal Care
    • Domestic care
  • DISABILITY SERVICES – IWAQ is funded to provide the following services:
    • Learning and Life Skills Development – Thisflexible service is aimed at encouraging and supporting consumers to get out and about in their community in order to help them reach their full potential. As such IWAQ sources stimulating activities for clients including:
      • Volunteering
      • physical activities, such as sport
      • community-based and cultural events
      • visual and relaxing outings, such as going to the movies
    • In Home Respite – provides in home or centre based care to support carers of people with a disability


IWAQ is a host provider under Your Life Your Choice which is Queensland’s approach to self-directed support for people with disability. Self-directed support gives people with disability and their families greater choice and control over the disability supports and services they receive, who delivers them and when. It is a key part of preparing Queenslanders for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The services we will provide are as follows:

  1. Clarifying the needs and requirements of the person and their familyIn the first instance IWAQ will work with the person and their family/carer to explain the host provider model and to determine the level of involvement/support they require in managing their support needs. This process will also explain IWAQ’s fees for various components of administration support as required and the service categopries that the person is able to purchase with their indivdiual funding . Bilingual support workers from the same language groups will be utilised for people from CALD backgrounds. This will ensure that people with disabilities and/or their families are able to make properly informed decisions. The agreed level of involvement from IWAQ as the host provider will be documented in an agreement that will clearly articulate the roles and responsibilities of IWAQ and those of the person. The agreement will also document how the person will report their purchases and how the funding will be paid.The person will also be advised of their rights and the grievance process. This will include information about IWAQ’s complaints procedure to resolve any issues that they migfht have as well as their rights to transfer to another host provider if they require.
  2. Identifying Care Needs and Developing a Care PlanEach person and their family as appropriate, participates in planning services that best meets their needs. The consumer will have control and decision making over the development of the care plan including deciding which services they receive and when and from whom.2.1 Consumer Agreement and Care PlanThe consumer will determine in consultation with the Co-ordinator:
    • The goals (that are consistent with the individual’s assessed care needs and the scope of their approval)
    • Services and Support to purchase which support the identified goals – details of providers will be offered and the consumer will choose the provider(s) to deliver the services
    • The care plan will also determine the amount of control the consumer will exercise over the management of the plan and the budget and the package will be signed off between the consumer and provider(s) in a Consumer Agreement and Care Plan
    • The plan will be onto the disability Services output schedule to enable disability services to audit financial expenditure
    • The care plan will be monitored by regular scheduled visits from the care coordinator
    • Any changes will be documented and amended in the Plan
  3. Referrals/BrokerageIWAQ will maintain a list of all local providers and sub-contractors and the services they offer. This list will be made available and discussed with consumers prior to finalization of the care plan and Consumer agreement and brokerage arrangements will be implemented with third party providers selected by consumers
  4. Financial managementShould the person request assistance, IWAQ is able to manage the care plan including assisting with paying and monitoring supports and services provided by suppliers.This will include ensuring that the purchases made are consistent with the approved items on the person’s plan for support and funding, monitoring a person’s compliance with the principles of self-directed support and ensuring that services are provided in a culturally appropriate manner.For those people who require full assistance with financial management, IWAQ will
    • Directly manage the funding including payment of service providers
    • Remind them of their allocations/usage during regular visits to update the care plan.
    • Provide them with a monthly statement which updates them about their package and current usage arrangements.
    • Manage all financial records and expenditure in accordance with the relevant legislation and provide a full financial acquittal to Disability Services and
    • Manage the taxation impact of making payments directly to a person