Aged Care Support

As we age, the comforts of ‘the familiar’ become more important.

Our food, music, special cultural celebrations and languages can provide this comfort and confirm our individual identity.It is estimated one in every five people aged 80 years and over is from a CALD background. By 2026, this ratio is expected to rise to one in every four.People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds often require aged care services sensitive to their specific cultural, spiritual, dietary and linguistic needs. This type of care becomes especially important for CALD older people because they may gradually forget English and revert to their ‘mother tongue’.

The negative effects of ageing, through loss and diminished responsibilities, can frequently lead to the devalued status of older and frail aged people. Barriers such as language and cultural misunderstanding, which is sometimes experienced by older CALD people, can lead to an even greater devaluation.

Who can understand my care needs?

Many adult children may not be able to communicate well enough in their parents’ first languages to support decisions about health care; this is where bilingual/bicultural staff can help these residents live independently in safety and with dignity.IWAQ recruits and trains a pool of male and female bi-lingual/bi- cultural Home Care Employees (HCE) who are from a variety of cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to:
Australian, Afghani, Somalian, Bosnian, Macedonian, El-Salvadorian, Fijian, Pakistani, Bangladesh, Punjab, South African, Zimbabwean, Syrian, Turkish, Lebanese, Iraqi, Egyptian, Sudanese, Romanian, Polish, Filipino, Burundi, Anglo-Celtic, Albanian, Chinese, Indian, Sudanese, Columbian, British, Indonesian, Iranian, Jordanian, Mauritanian, Moroccan, New Zealander, Palestinian, Portuguese, Russian, Rwandan, and Sri Lankan.

The Languages spoken include:English, Urdu, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bosnian, Farsi, Afghani, Somali, Spanish, Bengali, Chinese, Tagalog, Kurundi, Swahili, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Romanian and Afrikaans.

Our HCE’s also represent a range of different religions including Christian (7th Day Adventist, Catholic, Anglican), Muslim and Buddhist. Where possible HCE’s are matched to the language, cultural and gender preferences of care recipients.

IWAQ provides Home Care Support to assist Frail aged people to remain living in their own home. Home Care Packages assist people to remain living at home for as long as possible and enable clients to have choice and flexibility in the way that care and support is provided at home. We offer flexible in-home care that takes into account lifestyle, cultural background and religious beliefs. Each person’s needs differ and can change over time; our services are designed to accommodate these changes. In keeping with the Consumer Directed Care Model, consumers can have choice over the type of support they require in accordance with their assessed level of need. Services are provided to people residing in the Brisbane South/Logan Region and also the Gold Coast
Services provided by IWAQ under the Home Care packages include:

  • CENTRE BASED DAY respite  IWAQ runs Centre Based day respite at its Springwood Centreand also on the Gold Coast. The centres offer an opportunity for people to come together and socialise with others, Transport to and from the Centre, morning tea and a hot Halal lunch, outings and day trips, activities and arts and crafts, educational talks and discussions and celebration of key cultural events


  • PERSONAL CARE IWAQ has a pool of trained and experienced Home Care Employees (minimum certificate III in Aged care) both male and female from over 28 different nationalities. Assistance is provided with personal care needs such as showering, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming or personal hygiene


  • DOMESTIC CARE Personal assistance, including individual attention, support,supervision and or physical assistance is required with performing household tasks including house cleaning, removal of household waste, ironing, personal laundry services including laundering of clothing and bedding


  • SOCIAL SUPPORT – Encouragement and practical support is provided to take part in social and community activities that promote and protect the care recipient’s lifestyle, interests and wellbeing. This may include transportation to religious centres (mosques or churches), support to attend cultural events and assistance to access support services to maintain personal affairs


  • IN-HOME RESPITE – In Home respite is a service which provides Carer and client with a planned, regular break in the comfort of the family home. Coordinators ensure that client care planning needs are developed using person-centred approaches within the enabling philosophy of care. It is important that we offer a service that provides meaningful, creative and appropriate activities to ensure that our clients are achieving a responsive service


  • TRANSPORT SERVICES Transport to and from medical appointments, activities, and other services


  • SHOPPING – Assistance with transport to the shops and individual attention, support, supervision and or physical assistance with shopping for personal and grocery items. Assistance with shopping on behalf of a client using a list


  • LAWN AND GARDEN MAINTENANCE – Assistance to maintain outdoor areas of a residence including Mowing, lawn mowing, edges, rubbish removal, gardening