Leading the way in Aged Care and Disability Services for Multicultural Communities

Your Life Your choice

IWAQ provides aged and disability support services for under and over 65 year olds. It also provides respite care at our Salam Respite Cottage and additionally has settlement services for refugees and migrants. Call us today to discuss or needs.

IWAQ aims to help seniors to live their best life by putting them in the driver’s seat in goal setting, decision making and service planning. Every care or service plan is unique and is designed in conjunction with our clients, their loved-ones and designated health providers.

In order to ensure that you have sufficient information about what IWAQ offers and what level of service you require, IWAQ offers a free Initial consultation. This is provided because in keeping with the concept of consumer directed care we believe that sufficient information is required to enable consumers to make informed decisions about the level of care they require.

Free Initial Consultation

  • Meet with you individually or together with your family/support person/advocate
  • Discuss your needs and your funding package details
  • Provide you with information about IWAQ and its Host Provider Model
  • Provide you with an Information Kit
  • A written estimate of cost, including the fee structure and government subsidies explained. It will be personalised and provided to you prior to entering into any agreement.


IWAQ continually hosts and conducts a number of events and projects aimed at meeting the changing needs of the community


IWAQ provides a range of services and programs which are tailored specifically to meet individual needs. It prides itself on being flexible and supportive to the needs of people from different cultures and different backgrounds.


IWAQ viagra profesional has a team of 92 Home Care Employees and 20 office staff all of whom have the appropriate qualifications, skills and commitment to deliver professional services to the community.


IWAQ is well renowned for providing services that are both accessible and affordable . It aims to help seniors and people with a disability to live their best life by putting them in the driver’s seat in goal setting, decision making and deciding on the services that best suit their needs